Brili Routines



Project Type

Mobile/Tablet App available on iTunes & Google Play


UI/UX Design

Brili is an app designed for making daily routines fun and memorable for families. The team at Brili found there were a few UX pain points in the app and wanted to bring on a UI/UX Designer to help solve those challenges.

There were three main areas I helped them with, one being the navigation; Users had a hard time switching between child and parent mode. I suggested making that a part of the main navigation as well as being more interactive. I moved the settings button to the top right and put the user mode in the center of the bottom navigation. On click the available users animate in a radial menu allowing you to switch easily.

The second challenge was displaying stats on each routine task. There is a quick preview spark chart on the task card and a larger more in depth chart is displayed when clicked through. You can view by day, week, month or year as well as scroll/swipe left to right.

The third challenge was the time picker. In the original design the user was asked to choose a start time OR an end time, more people found this confusing and assumed they were choosing a range. I suggested to only display one of the two times based on the task they have chosen.

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